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Earlier this year San Luis Obispo was dubbed the happiest city in the United States. USA Today published an article titled “San Luis Obispo: The happiest place in the USA.” Even Oprah featured a segment about the city and had Jenny McCarthy interview multiple San Luis Obispo locals to find out what their secret to happiness is. With such a high accolade, I wanted to portray San Luis Obispo with all of the beauty it has to offer. I chose to show off San Luis Obispo in a classic way by highlighting historic landmarks and stunning landscapes. The title I chose, “Destination: San Luis Obispo,” helped me decide what type of magazine I would be writing for. Travel and tourism is a huge industry and with San Luis Obispo’s newly acclaimed status, featuring my article in Travel and Leisure would be an ideal match. This magazine focuses on leisure travel and features resorts, restaurants, cuisine and entertainment.

full magazine spread

There is a lot of prestige associated with the layouts of top daily newspapers so I wanted to first and foremost create a newspaper spread that would appeal to several different demographics. I wanted to make sure that my newspaper was informative, intriguing and highlighted important events. In order to set the overall tone for my newspaper I needed to pick a title. I chose The Daily Standard because the word standard refers to a required or agreed level of quality or attainment. My main goal was to emphasize that The Daily Standard provides high quality breaking news.


I took on the challenge to create a Pixlr collage with an uplifting theme in mind. My theme was simple: life is a celebration. My main character was a young girl because I wanted to convey that the future contains countless events and moments full of celebration. There will be upsets in life, but it is crucial to overcome challenges by celebrating victories. A carefree theme allows viewers to experience nostalgia and reflect on moments in life that they celebrated. This theme also provides viewers with excitement in looking forward to special moments that are still to come. I decided to shape my collage pictures into balloons to go along the celebratory theme and add some artistic creativity.







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